1.3. Dragon Sprint 1

  • Assignment: Dragon Sprint 1

  • Complexity: easy

  • Time: 13 min

1.3.1. Functional Requirements

  1. Create dragon named "Wawelski"

  2. Dragon has health points (random number from 50 to 100)

1.3.2. Non-Functional Requirements

  1. Commit and push the current state of the repository

  2. Modify the game code from the previous version of the task

  3. Save the code to solve the task in the dragon directory

  4. When finished, add all files from dragon to the repository

  5. Commit and push changes to a central repository (Github)

1.3.3. Hints

  • from random import randint

  • randint(a, b) - random integer between a and b (inclusive!)

1.3.4. Solution

  • Note, that this will spoil your fun and learning

  • Solution