3.2. To CSV

  • File paths works also with DATAs

3.2.1. SetUp

>>> import pandas as pd
>>> df = pd.DataFrame()

3.2.2. Most Frequently Used

... df.to_csv()
... df.to_dict()
... df.to_excel()
... df.to_json()
... df.to_sql()

3.2.3. Assignments

Code 3.79. Solution
# TODO: Zrobić jakiś dataframe z prostszymi danymi bez .head() i .tail(). np. martian. W danych powinny być: str, int, bool, float, datetime oraz None
* Assignment: DataFrame Export CSV
* Complexity: easy
* Lines of code: 3 lines
* Time: 3 min

    2. Read data from `DATA` as `result: pd.DataFrame`
    3. While reading use `header=0` parameter
    4. Select 146 head rows, and last 11 from it
    5. Export data from column `Event` to file the `FILE`
    6. Data has to be in CSV format
    7. Run doctests - all must succeed

    2. Wczytaj dane z `DATA` jako `result: pd.DataFrame`
    3. Przy wczytywaniu użyj parametru `header=0`
    4. Wybierz pierwszych 146 wierszy, a z nich ostatnie 11
    5. Wyeksportuj dane z kolumny `Event` do pliku `FILE`
    6. Dane mają być w formacie CSV
    7. Uruchom doctesty - wszystkie muszą się powieść

    * PyCharm: right-click in the editor and pick `Run Doctest in myfile`
    * PyCharm: `Control + Shift + R`
    * Terminal: `python -m doctest -v myfile.py`

    >>> import sys; sys.tracebacklimit = 0
    >>> from os import remove

    >>> result = open(FILE).read()
    >>> remove(FILE)

    >>> assert result is not Ellipsis, \
    'Assign result to variable: `result`'
    >>> assert type(result) is str, \
    'Variable `result` has invalid type, should be `str`'

    >>> print(result)  # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
    135,LM lunar landing.
    136,LM powered descent  engine cutoff.
    137,Decision made to  proceed with EVA prior to first rest period.
    138,Preparation for EVA  started.
    139,EVA started (hatch  open).
    140,CDR completely outside  LM on porch.
    141,Modular equipment  stowage assembly deployed (CDR).
    142,First clear TV picture  received.
    143,"CDR at foot of ladder (starts to report, then pauses to listen)."
    144,CDR at foot of ladder and described surface as almost like a powder.
    145,1st step  taken lunar surface (CDR). That's one small step for a man...one giant leap  for mankind.


import pandas as pd

DATA = 'https://python3.info/_static/apollo11.html'
FILE = r'_temporary.csv'